Inspiration & Style

Nouvel Espace is a new brand inspired by the Art Deco style, which is still highly respected among interior designers and architects. It is about first class materials that emanate luxury, glamor and exuberance. It is about perfection. Through the process of designing, we were looking for inspiration mainly in nature and by studying the different continents around the world. We were trying to join three main components: people, culture and nature. The circle in the center of the design represents infinity, unity and perfection. We are all living on one planet, so we are all united in a circle; at the same time, we are as varied as nature itself. The pyramid decor in our design represents the mystery of nature and people. With the enigmatic and mysterious power of the Pyramids, we created a special inspiration and style that is presented on all continents around the world.


Who we are

Joinery Kraljič is a family company, established in 1958.

From that time it has developed into a modern company, specialized above all for the production of the interior design and building furniture from massive wood. The emphasis is on the individual or unique making of the pretentious furniture for the known buyer. Despite that, our capacities are bigger, as we are capable of furnishing even larger objects, like banks, hotels and other institutions.

With our quality we broke trough also to the foreign markets in such a manner, that we became one of the predominant exporters for this kind of equipment. We are achieving the biggest sales on the markets of EU and on the Russian Federation market. The characteristic of our company is, that we know how to listen to our customer’s wishes, since the satisfaction of every customer is very important to us.


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